Endocrinology Podcast

This is a collection of endocrinology podcasts for medical students, internal medicine residents, endocrinology fellows, and attendings.

Endocrinology Podcast for Medical Students

Dr. Matt and Dr. Mike : This is a fun podcast hosted by Dr. Matt and Dr. Mike. It is an excellent introduction to endocrine-specific medical education. Furthermore, the mnemonics, music beats, and interludes are fun additions to this podcast. Show these guys some love.

Zero to Finals Podcast : This is a general podcast in medical education, with medical students as the target audience. We love the clear and concise presenting style of the host. If you are interested in a succinct overview of basic science and clinical endocrinology, this is your go-to podcast!

Endocrinology Podcast for Internal Medicine Residents

Run The List: A limited selection of podcasts from runthelistpodcast.com (#FOAMEd). We love this podcast because each episode has an accompanying infographic that simplifies a significant endocrine disease. However, it is not exclusive to endocrine science, thus limiting the number of endocrinology-specific topics.

The Curbsiders: The curbsiders have a rich repository of podcasts in internal medicine. Furthermore, there are exciting episodes about obesity medicine, thyroid disease, and diabetes. There is, unfortunately, a minimal selection of endocrine-related content.

Endocrinology Podcast for Fellows and Attendings

Endocrine News Podcast: Endocrine News Podcast is sponsored by the Endocrine Society and features various luminaries in the field of endocrinology. It is a monthly podcast on various emerging research and trends in endocrine science. It can be freely accessed here (available at both the apple music or google music stores)

AACE Podcasts : The American Association of Clinical Endocrinology (AACE) has a free podcast series about endocrine practice guidelines. We love this podcast because it allows a quick and efficient review of treatment guidelines.

The Endocrine Outlook: The endocrine outlook is a free podcast from the endocrinology network. This podcast is highly recommended for endocrinology fellows – complementing the insights gained from fellowship-specific journal club meetings. We believe this is the best free endocrinology podcast on the internet 😊

Endocrine Feedback Loop: This is an endocrinology-specific journal club podcast for fellows and attendings. Emphasis is placed on cutting-edge research in the field of hormone science. The faculty selection for this podcast series is diverse, making each episode an intellectually exciting learning experience. We highly recommend this podcast for endocrinology fellows in training since it emphasizes critical appraisal of endocrine research. Unfortunately, you will need to be a member of the Endocrine Society to access this podcast.

Endocrinology Audio Lectures

There are very few free audio lectures in endocrinology. We find this large repository of free lectures from the endocrine society a great addition to #FOAMEd.

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