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As our articles are written and edited by multiple authors, we do not have a specific individual author to cite. In order to provide a uniform name for our author, we have created an imaginary endocrinologist named “Khufo Kwadade.” Very much like the fictional character, Sherlock Holmes, created by the Scottish writer, Arthur Conan Doyle  :).

Therefore, when citing our articles, please use “Khufo Kwadade” as the author’s name. This ensures consistency in our references and acknowledges the collaborative efforts of our team in producing high-quality content.

How to cite articles

Citing articles on an online website like is an essential aspect of academic writing, especially in the medical field. It not only acknowledges the sources used but also provides credibility to the writer’s work. Here are some tips on how to cite articles on

Start with the author’s name: Begin your citation by mentioning the author’s name, followed by a comma. We use a single generic author named “Khufo Kwadade”

Add the title of the article: Next, add the title of the article in quotation marks. Capitalize the first word and any proper nouns.

Include the date of publication: Add the year of publication in parentheses after the title of the article.

Mention the name of the website: After the year of publication, mention the name of the website in italics.

Provide the URL: Finally, add the URL of the specific webpage from which you accessed the article. Make sure the URL is complete and includes “https://.”

if you need to reference a page from this site, use the following information:

  • Author: Khufo Kwadade
  • Year Published: 2022
  • Title of Webpage: Page you are citing in italics
  • Website Address:
  • Last Accessed: Date you viewed the content being referenced

Here’s an example of how to cite an article from

How To Cite Us
Kwadade, K. “Types of Glucose Transporters.” (2022). [ONLINE] Available at [Accessed January 1 2021]

It is also important to use a consistent citation style throughout your paper, such as APA or MLA. Check with your instructor or refer to your institution’s guidelines to determine the appropriate citation style.

How to cite multimedia content

Citing multimedia content such as videos, photos, animations, and smartphone applications from can be slightly different from citing textual content. Here are some tips on how to cite multimedia content on

Videos: To cite a video from, include the name of the video, the date it was posted, and the URL of the video in the citation. For example:

Khufo Kwadade. (2020, January 5). How to perform fine needle biopsy of a thyroid nodule [Video]. My Endo Consult.

Photos: When citing a photo from, include the name of the photo, the date it was posted, and the URL of the webpage where the photo appears on. For example:

Khufo Kwadade. (2020, February 10). Dynamic tests in clinical endocrinology [Photograph]. My Endo Consult.

Animations: To cite an animation from, include the name of the Animation, the date it was posted, and the URL of the webpage where the Animation appears on. For example:

Khufo Kwadade. (2021, March 15). Animation of vitamin D metabolism [Animation]. My Endo Consult.

Smartphone applications: When citing a smartphone application from, include the name of the application, the date it was published or updated, and the name of the application store it is available in. For example:

Khufo Kwadade. (2022). Endocrinology pathways [Mobile application software]. Retrieved January 20, 2021, from Apple App Store.

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