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Our Mission

MyEndoConsult is the perfect platform for medical students, internal medicine residents, and endocrinology fellows who are looking to expand their knowledge and complement their training. Our mission is to provide free access to educational resources so that trainees can learn from each other and become better physicians.

We rely on the contribution of trainees and practicing physicians who believe in the spirit of collaboration. Highly motivated physicians-in-training provide open-access content (e.g., multiple-choice questions, infographics of clinical trials, management algorithms, forum posts, illustrative case reports), which has resulted in a steady growth of our platform. With MyEndoConsult, you will have everything you need to succeed in your endocrinology training.

Our Vision

To promote the professional development of physicians interested in the field of general endocrinology.

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Planning and designing educational resources is time-consuming and requires a great deal of effort. A contribute/comment link is available on all pages for “logged in users” . We encourage users to sign on via a social media website (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google) to make the sign-in process more seamless. You may use this form to submit your content or contact the webmaster  if you are interested in becoming a member of our team.

The target audience of MEC? MyEndoConsult is intended for trainees interested in the field of endocrinology. Contributions from practicing endocrinologists, fellows, residents, and medical students are encouraged. All submitted content should address the learning goals of our target audience.

Acceptable content for MEC? Learning endocrinology is fun and straightforward. We encourage contributors to share memory aids in their posts where applicable. An editor will assist in improving potential blog posts. Ultimately, a community of your peers can use a feedback link to submit recommendations for improvement in a blog post.

Question Bank Question categories include anatomy, pathophysiology, and clinical practice guidelines (AACE, Endocrine Society, and ESE)

Endocrine Brief Reviews – These are brief blog posts about a variety of topics in clinical and basic science endocrinology. Post length should be anywhere from 500 to 900 words. A featured illustration is required (consider including 1-2 figures). Provide appropriate citations where applicable.

Endocrine Case Series – Share illustrative clinical cases with your peers. These are concise case reports which emphasize a major teaching point. No patient identifiers should be submitted.

Journal Club – Important clinical trials are summarized via infographics. A concise critical appraisal of each trial is included. Join our monthly live session (closed group session for registered users only).

Course – Are you interested in designing a short course about an essential topic in endocrinology? An editor will assist you in preparing your learning objectives, questions etc.

Blog posts and advocacy – We encourage non-commercial posts about various issues in diabetes care and endocrinology. These are mainly opinion pieces with minimal peer review from our editorial team.

Website design/Video and Animation Development – Contact us if you are interested in helping us in this regard.

I’m ready to contribute to MEC.  Click here to contribute. You will be contacted shortly by one of our team members.

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MyEndoConsult Ambassadors are trainees (medical students, medicine residents, or endocrinology fellows) who are motivated individuals committed to sharing their passion for endocrine education with colleagues in their respective programs.

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MyEndoConsult Mentors are practicing general internists (interested in endocrine education) or endocrinologists committed to providing guidance to trainees who submit educational content for publication.


All users can earn badges and tokens by registering and completing various activities on this platform. Use these tokens in unlocking exclusive content. All content is freely accessible; however, we encourage engagement from users who intend to have full access to educational content on this site. Talking about gamification, you may find these educational games helpful (Jeopardy and family feud)

Reuse and Distribution Guidelines

This is a non-commercial educational project and is published under a Creative Commons attribution-noncommercial (CC BY-NC 3.0) license.

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