Diabetes Travel Letter

If you have diabetes, it’s important to have a travel letter from your doctor. This letter will help you if you need medical care while you’re away from home.

The letter should include the following: Your diagnosis of diabetes, your current treatment plan, the name and contact information for your doctor or other health care provider, and any special instructions for your care while traveling.

Having a travel letter can help ensure that you get the care you need while you’re away from home. Be sure to pack it in your carry-on luggage so that it’s easily accessible if you need it.

Sample diabetes letter

 The above-named patient has diabetes and is required to manage blood glucose levels daily with insulin via an insulin pump or injections of insulin.  Self-blood glucose monitoring is done several times a day using a glucose meter or by a continuous sensor system.

The following supplies need to be carried at all times in order to take care of their diabetes:

  • insulin pump
  • reservoirs
  • infusion sets
  • batteries
  • glucose meter
  • glucose strips
  • lancing device with lancets
  • insulin vials, syringes
  • insulin pens, pen needles
  • glucagon emergency kit
  • food/glucose tablets to treat low blood sugar
  • alcohol swabs
  • If continuous glucose sensor is used, transmitter and sensors

This patient’s insulin pump, and continuous sensor system if applicable, cannot be exposed to magnetic or x-ray equipment, including a full body scanner.  Please have these devices hand-checked by TSA personnel.

If you have any questions or in case of an emergency, call xxx-xxx-xxxx and ask to speak to the endocrinologist on call.


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