Introduction to Landmark Clinical Trials

This is an introductory course to landmark clinical trials in diabetes care and endocrinology.


This e-learning resource is intended for medical students (MS3 and MS4 only), internal medicine residents and endocrinology fellows

Learning Outcomes

Clinical practice guidelines change over time as our knowledge of disease states evolve. Endocrinology is a complex subdiscipline of internal medicine characterized by a rapid turnover of knowledge. Trainees should, however, be familiar with landmark clinical trials in the field. This course will introduce you to some essential practice-changing clinical trials in diabetes care and endocrinology.

After completing this resource:

1. Learners should appreciate the role of landmark clinical trials in guiding the practice of medical care.

2. Learners should be able to apply their knowledge of landmark clinical trials in solving real-world problems in diabetes care and endocrinology.

3. Learners should understand the impact of selected landmark trial conclusions on treatment guidelines.


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