Retatrutide Clinical Trial

Infographic of the retatrutide study

🌟 “Retatrutide: The New Hope in Diabetes Management!” 🌟

When it comes to managing type 2 diabetes, it’s not just about blood sugar. Keeping a healthy weight is just as crucial! Enter Retatrutide – a promising new drug that’s showing real potential.

🚀 What’s Special About Retatrutide? This isn’t just your regular diabetes drug. Retatrutide combines the benefits of THREE different diabetes treatments in one! A recent study decided to test how good it really is.

🔍 Study Details:

  • Setting: 42 research centers in the USA.
  • Participants: Adults with type 2 diabetes, aged 18-75, who are either managing their diabetes with diet and exercise or a stable dose of the drug metformin.
  • Duration: 36 weeks.

🔥 Hot Findings:

  1. Blood Sugar Levels: After 24 weeks, almost all dosages of retatrutide lowered blood sugar levels more than a placebo. The higher the dose, the better the results!
  2. Weight Loss Win: By week 36, those on retatrutide lost weight! And we’re not talking just a pound or two. Depending on the dose, some people shed nearly 17% of their body weight. 🏋️
  3. Side Effects?: Like most drugs, there were some. Common side effects were mild stomach issues. But the good news? No severe low blood sugar episodes and no reported deaths during the study.

📣 What This Means: Retatrutide is shaping up to be a game-changer in type 2 diabetes treatment. Not only does it help manage blood sugar levels, but it also helps people shed the extra pounds! Stay tuned as it heads to phase 3 trials.

📜 Registered under:, NCT04867785. 🤝 Funded by: Eli Lilly and Company.